Month: November 2020

The 5 Most Important Life Lessons I have Learned by age 45

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As raindrops pound on my rooftop, I feel thankful that I forgoed plans to spend the afternoon at the park. Since the evening before, they have been relentless; behaving like a jealous lover, demanding that the object of his love open up the door and let him in. Commitment and consistency whispers my name. Commitment to myself and my progress and to you, my readers. I respond. Resisting the urge to spend the afternoon under the covers, I bundle myself up into a sweater and sit half excited and half reluctant at my desk. A smile of satisfaction beams across my face as I complete this first paragraph. It is the eve of my 45th birthday!

 “Mummy you getting old”, my daughter jokingly said to me; but celebrating my 45th birthday feels more like a milestone. During the preceding weeks I had been contemplating a lot about the lessons I have learned during the 45 years granted to me on this earth. After all, “the unexamined life is not worth living”, so says Socrates. Thus, I have chosen to share with you what I believe to be the 5 most important lessons I have learned.

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How to Set Goals and Roadmap Your Life

We have all been told at some point in our lives that we should set goals for ourselves. This shouldn’t be too difficult right? So we think of a few things that we want to achieve. We may even quickly jot them down on a piece of paper, but then what? Maybe we place the piece of paper aside or safely put it away and get on with our lives. Then we stumble through life like a person trying to find their way around in a dark room. We stump our toes and bump into things, because we can’t see where we are going or what we are doing. After some time of stumbling around, we begin to feel tired, frustrated, unfulfilled and unhappy.

Our goals have not been clearly defined and we do not have a roadmap for our lives. Would you set out on a journey to a destination, be it a trip, an event etcetera, and not decide on a plan for how you will get there? I am doubtful that you will. Would you take the bus or a taxi or drive? What route would you take? What time do you need to leave? How long will it take you to get there? What do you need to take with you? You would consider and plan all these things. So why would you set out on your most important journey, life, without a roadmap?

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