Month: January 2022

Setting Goals and Intentions- Ask, Seek, Knock…

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Goals and intentions help provide us with guidance and stability. Because it is the start of the year, I felt compelled to write an article about setting goals and intentions. First, let’s talk about setting intentions. Last year January I wrote, Ditch New Year’s Resolutions. Set Intentions Instead. In that article, I discussed what an intention is and I shared my intentions for 2021.  An intention is intangible. It is a word or statement that can help ground or recentre you when you get a little off track. It is what you want to embody as you move through your year. A drishti of sorts, an intention can create for you a point of focus.

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Reviewing Your Year and Doing Hard Things in 2022

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A very happy 2022, to you.  I hope that your holidays were well spent in the company of family and friends. After all, nothing in life is more meaningful than the relationships we cultivate. I am grateful for life and I am grateful for another year. How about you? What I am most grateful for in this moment, is that I get to share my heart, my learning experiences, and most importantly, words of encouragement and inspiration with you, for yet another year.  I have faith that my words will reach you at the right time, just when you need it. I’m here to inspire you towards growth and personal development, as well as to cheer you on, while you make this journey – called life. I look forward to sharing 2022 with you.

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