Month: April 2022

The Power of Pain: Shift Your Perspective

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In April 2020, I was inspired to write The Gift of Pain. Its purpose was to encourage us to pursue our passions, to fulfil our purpose, as well as explore the relationship between pain and passion. While it was not intended to be a post to celebrate the season of Easter and what it represents, I did use the example of the passion of Jesus Christ (celebrated at Easter) to help make my point.

Coincidentally, I am once again contemplating pain. I promise you, it was not planned; but was instead brought on by a particular situation that I found to be emotionally painful. This time, I explore the power of pain. Its power to move and to shape us. It just so happens, that it is once again the season of Easter. A time where the Christian community celebrates the suffering of Jesus Christ – His death and His resurrection – and what that means for us.

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Multitasking is a Myth: Here’s Why

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We live in an age where we are expected to be turned on 24/7; always be accessible. We try to counteract this constant demand for our time, with multitasking – juggling between tasks while hustling to meet deadlines.  These unreasonable demands are sometimes placed on us by our jobs, our personal lives and our relationships. When we are unable to meet all of the demands, we become frustrated or even berate ourselves. This leads to self-doubt, and feelings that we are not good enough. Something must be wrong with us for not being able to multitask better, right? Wrong!

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