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The Power of Pain: Shift Your Perspective

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In April 2020, I was inspired to write The Gift of Pain. Its purpose was to encourage us to pursue our passions, to fulfil our purpose, as well as explore the relationship between pain and passion. While it was not intended to be a post to celebrate the season of Easter and what it represents, I did use the example of the passion of Jesus Christ (celebrated at Easter) to help make my point.

Coincidentally, I am once again contemplating pain. I promise you, it was not planned; but was instead brought on by a particular situation that I found to be emotionally painful. This time, I explore the power of pain. Its power to move and to shape us. It just so happens, that it is once again the season of Easter. A time where the Christian community celebrates the suffering of Jesus Christ – His death and His resurrection – and what that means for us.

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Multitasking is a Myth: Here’s Why

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We live in an age where we are expected to be turned on 24/7; always be accessible. We try to counteract this constant demand for our time, with multitasking – juggling between tasks while hustling to meet deadlines.  These unreasonable demands are sometimes placed on us by our jobs, our personal lives and our relationships. When we are unable to meet all of the demands, we become frustrated or even berate ourselves. This leads to self-doubt, and feelings that we are not good enough. Something must be wrong with us for not being able to multitask better, right? Wrong!

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Boost Your Productivity with these 8 Tips

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Have you ever come to the end of the work day and felt like you did not accomplish much? Whether we are self-employed or work a 9 to 5; work from home or go into the office daily, we all generally strive for maximum productivity. Thus, we feel discouraged or frustrated when we do not achieve the desired level of productivity. In this post, I am going to offer a few suggestions for getting the most out of your work day and boosting your productivity.

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How to Avoid Distractions and Stay Motivated

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You have reviewed your year, decided on a few hard things that you can do for 2022 and settled on your goals and intentions. You are full of excitement and fervor. But what do you do when the pressures of life begin really pressing on you? Or you feel tired, sick and discouraged. What do you do when you begin to get distracted and lose your focus? Here are a few suggestions that I hope you will find helpful for avoiding distractions, regaining your focus and staying motivated.

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Setting Goals and Intentions- Ask, Seek, Knock…

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Goals and intentions help provide us with guidance and stability. Because it is the start of the year, I felt compelled to write an article about setting goals and intentions. First, let’s talk about setting intentions. Last year January I wrote, Ditch New Year’s Resolutions. Set Intentions Instead. In that article, I discussed what an intention is and I shared my intentions for 2021.  An intention is intangible. It is a word or statement that can help ground or recentre you when you get a little off track. It is what you want to embody as you move through your year. A drishti of sorts, an intention can create for you a point of focus.

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Reviewing Your Year and Doing Hard Things in 2022

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A very happy 2022, to you.  I hope that your holidays were well spent in the company of family and friends. After all, nothing in life is more meaningful than the relationships we cultivate. I am grateful for life and I am grateful for another year. How about you? What I am most grateful for in this moment, is that I get to share my heart, my learning experiences, and most importantly, words of encouragement and inspiration with you, for yet another year.  I have faith that my words will reach you at the right time, just when you need it. I’m here to inspire you towards growth and personal development, as well as to cheer you on, while you make this journey – called life. I look forward to sharing 2022 with you.

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Two Powerful Life Lessons I Learned this Past Year

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There is nothing so powerful and important to our personal growth, as self-reflection, coupled with the ability to be truthful with ourselves. The ability to think deeply and to examine our self is not just powerful, but a gift. “The unexamined life is not worth living”, says Socrates.  How many of us were punished as children for telling lies? We were taught to always tell the truth. I am certain, however that most of us were not taught that it is just as important to be truthful with ourselves. 

As my birthday was approaching, I spent some time in self-reflection. I particularly examined my life over the past year. On my last birthday I shared about The 5 Most Important Lessons I Learned by Age 45. I want to make that kind of post, somewhat of a tradition here on Inspire. Thus, in celebration of this year’s birthday, I am sharing what I believe to be, the two most powerful life lessons I learned this past year.

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A November to Remember, Gratitude Challenge

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The piece of 7*12 post-it lay stuck to the legal sized note book, which stood neatly in the wire step file organizer on my desk. Its position meant that it was within clear view. On it was written a brief note. From time to time throughout the day, or whenever I reached for the notebook my eyes skimmed over the note. The days went by but I could not bring myself to throw it out. Two weeks passed, yet the note remained in its place. Finally, one afternoon in week three, I took it from its place and tucked it neatly into my handbag. When I got home, I stuck it between the pages of my journal.

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Communicating Well in Life and the Workplace

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What would you say is the most important skill a person should possess? I posit to you that communicating well, is the most important skill that you can learn. Yet, it often seems to be the least respected and sought after, by many people.

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#Me Too – 3 Benefits of Shared Humanity

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When cellular phones were just becoming popular in my country, there was a particular phone that most people owned. This eventually gave rise to the slang “me too”. People would often say, “you have one of those? Me too!” You have probably shared a similar experience with someone, maybe regarding a different item.  A couple years ago, both internationally and locally, there was the #metoo movement. This movement was geared towards addressing the issue of sexual violence and sexual harassment against women. It is also a way to encourage empathy and solidarity among those who have suffered as a result of sexual violence.

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