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How to Fail Well: Dealing with the Pain of Failure

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What is your attitude to failure? How do you react when you fail? Do you pout or cry? Do you blame others? Do you lose your temper? Do you recoil and never make another attempt? Are you so devastated that it takes you longer than it should, to get over it? Is your self-worth affected when you fail?

One of my favorite quotes says, “failure is an event, not a person.” This has been one of the most impactful lessons I have learned since I began being intentional about personal development.

We may have been taught that failing at something is a crisis to be endured. Maybe we were taught to look at failure as something negative; something to feel dirty and ashamed about. Sometimes the pressure to succeed is so great that failure can be extremely devastating for us, and we end up seeing ourselves as a failure. We ascribe feelings of guilt and shame to the experience and labels such as failure, not good enough or weak to ourselves. That failure then feeds into our self-doubts and insecurities. Because of this some of us hate to fail. I know I did. We would accept nothing but perfection.

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7 Sure Ways to Achieve Personal Development

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In this article:

I have had this topic on my content list for a while now. However, a recent encounter indicated to me that it was time to write about it. A colleague indicated, that she was thinking of passing up an opportunity offered to her to work in another department. This is a colleague who is very good at what she does in her current position and who is also extremely reliable. But she feared leaving her comfort zone and learning new things. I encouraged her to seize the opportunity, as she is being given a chance to learn something new and to grow.

Often times many of us find ourselves in a comfort zone. We are comfortable, content and may even think ourselves to be happy. Everything is familiar; we feel safe and secure. But life can become boring and mundane when lived from our comfort zone. Don’t you think?  Not only that, but when we remain stuck in our comfort zone, we become stunted. We don’t try or discover new things, explore, take any risk and most importantly we don’t challenge ourselves, learn or grow.

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5 Books to Read for Personal Development and to Help you Soar

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In my last post I told you that this week I would be sharing with you, the top 5 books I read in 2020.

When something is good or you have a good find you want to share it with others, don’t you? So, I want to recommend to you my readers, what I found to be the 5 most impactful books I read in 2020.  Here they are. They are not listed in any particular order, since I found them all to be equally great.

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A Successful Year Awaits You, Take the Leap!

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You may recall me saying in my last post that up until three years ago I was living in survival mode. From teenage pregnancy to single parenting. The misguided decision to marry, to physical abuse, then back to single parenting, this time with two children. Working minimum wage to being unemployed; though only briefly, because with two children I could not afford to be out of a job. Depression and anxiety, to attending school while working full time and raising two school aged children.

I did not have a strong support network and I was doing all I could to survive.  There was no time or even the thought of intentional personal development.

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Ditch New Year’s Resolutions. Set Intentions Instead.

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Hi friends,

It is my hope that your holiday season was an enjoyable one. If in any way it was a difficult time for you, I pray for you; strength, hope and better days to come.

I take this opportunity to thank you for your support during the previous year and to wish you a Happy New Year! May 2021 bring you joy, peace and every good thing that you would want for yourself. May you accomplish and even surpass all of your goals for this year. Whatever you want for yourself in 2021, you can achieve. You just have to be willing to do the work, because success is never void of hard work. So let’s dig in and make 2021 an awesome one!

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The Eye-Opening Benefits of Gratitude Practice and Its Relationship to Happiness

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In my last post Cultivating an Attitude of Gratitude, I talked about gratitude journaling and gave several scriptural references which support a gratitude practice. I also briefly mentioned some benefits of gratitude.

Since writing that post, gratitude has been a topic of discussion in my conversations with friends and the latest book I am reading has an entire chapter dedicated to gratitude. I therefore felt impressed to share with you my readers, more on gratitude, its benefits and relationship to happiness.

The information I will share with you is based on the writing of Alex Korb in his book, The Upward Spiral: Using Neuroscience to Reverse the Course of Depression, One Small Change at a Time.

Alex Korb explains that gratitude is a state of mind. “there’s a gratitude circuit in your brain, badly in need of a workout”, he says. Similarly, I believe that happiness is a state of mind. We often tend to think that we will be happy when our circumstances change, or when we reach that big goal or attain the next accomplishment or when our spouse acts the way we want them to or when our children begin to behave. Yes, any of these things can affect our emotional state, but do they truly make us happy?  I think not. Happiness is a state of mind and I believe it is also closely linked to gratitude. I recommend this article which also expresses that view as well as shares 8 tips for achieving happiness.

“It is not happiness that brings us gratitude. It is gratitude that brings us happiness.” David Steindl-Rast

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Cultivating an Attitude of Gratitude

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The young girl tugged at her mother’s dress as they stood among the gigantic crowd of people. Influenced by the tension and anxiety of the adults around her, she asked, “mama, what are we going to do? Mama, are we going to die?”, she asked again as she tugged a little harder.

Days before, mother  left the only home her children ever knew. Life had been difficult but at least they had food and shelter. They had been walking day and night for days. Now here they were, a great army behind them and the vast ocean in front of them. Her daughter’s question pierced her soul. Were they going to die, she thought. Did she lead her children to their deaths?  Before she could respond to her daughter, the waters miraculously rolled away to either side, revealing dry ground. Hurriedly they walk over to the other side.

On the other side one of the women in the exodus breaks out in a song of praise and thanksgiving to God. A sure demonstration of an attitude of gratitude.

Overcoming difficult circumstances usually birth shouts of joy, thanksgiving and celebration.


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The 5 Most Important Life Lessons I have Learned by age 45

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As raindrops pound on my rooftop, I feel thankful that I forgoed plans to spend the afternoon at the park. Since the evening before, they have been relentless; behaving like a jealous lover, demanding that the object of his love open up the door and let him in. Commitment and consistency whispers my name. Commitment to myself and my progress and to you, my readers. I respond. Resisting the urge to spend the afternoon under the covers, I bundle myself up into a sweater and sit half excited and half reluctant at my desk. A smile of satisfaction beams across my face as I complete this first paragraph. It is the eve of my 45th birthday!

 “Mummy you getting old”, my daughter jokingly said to me; but celebrating my 45th birthday feels more like a milestone. During the preceding weeks I had been contemplating a lot about the lessons I have learned during the 45 years granted to me on this earth. After all, “the unexamined life is not worth living”, so says Socrates. Thus, I have chosen to share with you what I believe to be the 5 most important lessons I have learned.

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How to Set Goals and Roadmap Your Life

We have all been told at some point in our lives that we should set goals for ourselves. This shouldn’t be too difficult right? So we think of a few things that we want to achieve. We may even quickly jot them down on a piece of paper, but then what? Maybe we place the piece of paper aside or safely put it away and get on with our lives. Then we stumble through life like a person trying to find their way around in a dark room. We stump our toes and bump into things, because we can’t see where we are going or what we are doing. After some time of stumbling around, we begin to feel tired, frustrated, unfulfilled and unhappy.

Our goals have not been clearly defined and we do not have a roadmap for our lives. Would you set out on a journey to a destination, be it a trip, an event etcetera, and not decide on a plan for how you will get there? I am doubtful that you will. Would you take the bus or a taxi or drive? What route would you take? What time do you need to leave? How long will it take you to get there? What do you need to take with you? You would consider and plan all these things. So why would you set out on your most important journey, life, without a roadmap?

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10 Self-care Practices to Help you feel Amazing

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One of the best ways to show you love yourself is to take care of yourself. In order to properly take care of others, you must first take care of you.


I have been thinking a lot more about self-care since my previous post, in which I suggested that self-care should be defined and practiced from a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual perspective. I also made the bold statement that self-care is a daily practice and not an event. If you have not already read that post you can read it here.

The year 2020, more than any other has reminded me of how important it is to take care of myself. Maybe that and the stark realization that I am over 40! ? I have been paying closer attention to how I treat myself. I have also been trying to live more mindfully and intentionally, as I believe this goes hand in hand with regular self-care.

I did not offer any suggestions for self-care in my previous post but rather encouraged you to decide what your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs are and choose activities which help to satisfy those needs. You see, there is no one size fits all or no magic formula when it comes to self-care.

Nonetheless, I thought I would share with you my top 10 self-care practices. These are the things that I enjoy and that work for me. Maybe they will inspire you to give some or all of them a try. They are bound to leave you feeling amazing! If by chance they don’t all work for you, that’s fine. Take what you need and leave what you don’t. The whole idea is to always do what works best for you and satisfies your needs.

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