Photo by Pro Church Media on Unsplash

The young girl tugged at her mother’s dress as they stood among the gigantic crowd of people. Influenced by the tension and anxiety of the adults around her, she asked, “mama, what are we going to do? Mama, are we going to die?”, she asked again as she tugged a little harder.

Days before, mother  left the only home her children ever knew. Life had been difficult but at least they had food and shelter. They had been walking day and night for days. Now here they were, a great army behind them and the vast ocean in front of them. Her daughter’s question pierced her soul. Were they going to die, she thought. Did she lead her children to their deaths?  Before she could respond to her daughter, the waters miraculously rolled away to either side, revealing dry ground. Hurriedly they walk over to the other side.

On the other side one of the women in the exodus breaks out in a song of praise and thanksgiving to God. A sure demonstration of an attitude of gratitude.

Overcoming difficult circumstances usually birth shouts of joy, thanksgiving and celebration.


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