When I first got the idea to write about self-care, I had just completed my yoga routine and was sitting up on my mat reflecting and mulling over some ideas. I generally prefer to do a power yoga class in the morning because it helps to energize me and get me in the right frame of mind to begin my day but I failed to do so that morning. Therefore, I made up for it with an evening practice. I felt a sense of satisfaction, release, ease, and peace in my body and my mind. I remember thinking, “everyone should feel like this, it is an excellent way to take care of oneself.”  It is then that my mind drifted to self-care, what it means and what I believe it should mean.

I hesitated for a week to write on the topic, telling myself that my blog’s focus is on inspiration and personal growth and development, therefore my audience may find the topic frivolous and not appreciate it. The fact is self-care is not frivolous at all. To be effective on our journey of personal growth and development, in order to achieve our goals and experience the success we want, we must take good care of ourselves.

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